What is a keyword search?

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Keyword search, whats that? In this article we are going to be covering what is a keyword search, how to do a keyword research, what is the alphabet soup technique,  and also what is a keyword, along with many other things to help you get to the top ranking on Google and maximize your organic traffic! At the end of this article I will also be sharing with you where I got all my training from.

What is a keyword?

First and basically the most important question of all is, what is a keyword? So a key word is essentially an assortment of words that someone would search into search engines such as Google. So essentially a search term.

So when you are looking up ‘what is a keyword’ into Google, you actually just used a keyword! Keywords help narrow down your search, so you can get proper results.

How do keywords help you as a website developer and owner?

So as a website owner, you are going to want to get as many viewers as possible without paying to much money right?  Well the thing with keywords and search engines is, this is all free traffic, you don’t have to pay a cent to get these visitors!

What search engines do is they ‘crawl’ your website, meaning going through everything, to see where your website best fits in its rankings. In your first 2-3 paragraphs they will analyze for keywords, to generalize what your post will be about and see where it fits for search terms.

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The more traffic you have means the more viewers. The more viewers mean more potential sales or profit in some way or form. Now there is many ways to make money off of  websites with good traffic, check out my post on How to make money from a website.

What is a keyword search?

A keyword search, also known as keyword research is when you will be searching for multiple good search terms (keywords) that you can achieve large amounts of traffic. See you can just write out content and hope you utilised some good keywords, but you don’t exactly know if they are good or not, when it comes to how much traffic it will bring and how much competition (how many others are trying to rank with this keyword) there is for your keyword.

What you can and should do is search for the best keywords to use in your post. This can be done through keyword search engines such as Jaxxy keyword tool ( my top recommendation) what you want to look for is a keyword with lots of traffic, but low competition, this means you will be able to rank at a good spot much easier and you will get lots of traffic.

Keyword search terms

  • Keyword: This is the search terms
  • Avg: This gives you an estimated average amount of traffic per month this keyword gets.
  • Traffic: This is the amount of traffic per month you can expect if you make first page rankings
  • QSR: This stands for quality search results which shows you the amount of competing websites that is ranked under this same keyword. Ie. Competition
  • KQI:This stands for keyword quality indicator, shown by green yellow or red circles, this shows you how good your keyword is (green being good, red being bad, yellow being in between)
  • SEO: This will show you a rank of how likely you will rank on first page with that keyword (0-100, 100 being the most likely)
  • Domains: This will show you available domain names associated with this keyword!

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Note: These search terms are for Jaxxy keyword tool.

As you can see Jaxxy keyword tool has everything you need, so give it a try for free below!

If you put a couple of keywords into one post, you will be able to maximize your traffic, and get tons of viewers after a couple of posts.

Alphabet soup method

Wait a minute, alphabet soup method? Sounds a little strange right? That may be so but it is very effective for finding different keywords associated with your post idea. So what is it?

Alphabet soup is when you go onto a search engine such as Google and type in something related to your topic or even your topic. Then you will go ahead of that/those word(s) and put the letter A, you will get a drop down of search suggestions that Google gives, these could be possible keywords to use.

The circled part is possible keywords you could use!
The circled part is possible keywords you could use!

Okay so we have done the letter A in front of your topic,and found some possible keywords, now try B. You got some more, now C and so on and so on until you make it through the alphabet. This can be fine behind your topic and even within your topic.So by the end of using the alphabet soup method, you should have plenty of keywords.


For further explanation (it’s hard to explain through text), check out this training video on wealthy affiliate! Click on the video below!

Alphabet soup technique
Check out this training video on the alphabet soup technique

Now that you have the knowledge of keywords and keyword research, go ahead and see what keywords you can come up with using the information I gave you, then write out your content on your website and see the traffic come flying in! Jaaxy keyword tool actually has a alphabet soup method. But before that, check out where I got all my training from below!

Where did I get all my training from?

Now I’m not an expert on websites but I do know quite abit about websites, affiliate marketing and much much more all because of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Wealthy affiliate is an online community of people that want to help! They want to help you become a successful affiliate marketer. Wealthy affiliate has thousands of training, with online certification courses made by the two creators with over 30 years experience combined on online marketing, but also training made by the community themselves!

There is also a live chat with people in there all hours of the night, where you can ask your questions, or just chat away about anything. There is also a 24/7 technical support for your websites.

You also receive 2 FREE WEBSITES  upon joining, with a easy to use 30 SECOND WEBSITE BUILDER!

There is also a FREE keyword search tool, that is easy to use and will lead you to the right keywords to use in your next blog!

The best part is that it is free to join and everything mentioned is FREE no trial!! 

For more information come check out my review here, or to just go ahead and create your free account click here.

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What is drop shipping- Tips tricks and facts

What is drop shipping

Have you heard of the potential income from drop shipping? It’s enormous for the little work you have to do! But what is drop shopping? We will be discussing exactly what drop shipping is, how to drop ship, tips for drop shipping, drop shipping training, drop doing companies and drop shipping wholesalers and much more.

This work from home opportunity could be a life changer for you! The income potential in enormous! It’s so simple once you get the SEO (search engine optimization) down pat. All you need is a laptop! So without further ado, let’s get started!!

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a type of retailing strategy, that’s the way I like to think of it as anyways. Drop shipping is essentially where you will be selling product without actually having it in stock, packing or shipping. You won’t have to worry about having an inventory of items. You are essentially the middle man of it all. You advertise items on your website for the drop shipping company, someone orders it off of your website, and you will buy it from a wholesaler at a cheaper price, and you then send that order information to the drop shipping company and they will ship straight to your costumers door step.

Where do I drop ship?

You can do one of two things. You can create your own online e-commerce website through places like Shopify, or you can just drop ship on e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon. Benefits of going through Amazon or eBay is they have Millions of customers already, instead of gaining traffic to your own website to be able to sell.

Wait, drop shipping companies?

When someone says they want to become a drop shipper, they actually mean they want to become a drop ship retailer. See wholesale companies will do drop shipping fulfillment with retailers (you). So you will actually be a drop shipping retailer, you advertise the products, they pack and ship.

Where can I find drop shipping companies?

Drop shipping companies can be difficult. It’s not as easy as going on Google and looking up ‘drop shipping companies’. The reason why I say that is because there are many different scams out there related to this, you will Also come across drop shipping retailers instead of the companies themselves.

What is dropshipping?

There are companies that help you completely bypass this struggle. One very good one is World wide brands. This Company is a wholesaler and drop shipping directory, but it does cost you $299 (one time fee) in order to use there directory. This does save you some time, instead of finding and contacting wholesalers yourself and ask if they do drop shipping, world wide brands let’s you know the wholesalers that drop ship.

Join now here

What are the benefits of drop shipping?

One of the main benefits of drop shipping is you do not have to worry about start up fees when starting your own business. Many people love the sounds of owning there own business, but get scared with the thought of having the start up fees aka. Stock prices(have to buy the products to sell them) advertising, getting the company up and running, so on and so forth.

What is dropshipping

The great thing with drop shipping is the fact that you don’t even need to buy any product until you receive the money from your customer!

Another benefit would be you choose the prices that you advertise the products for. See the wholesale companies will be selling you the product at a cheap price, but you turn around and advertise at a price that you can make money with but yet still competitive with other retailers.

What are the disadvantages of drop shipping?

With everything there is thepros and cons. With drop shipping a big con is lack of shopping control. Since you are the retailer, you need to explain why your customers have not received there products on time, which since you are not actually shipping the product instead the wholesalers are, it can be difficult to figure it out and explain it.

Also since you do not hold a inventory, it is hard to know when you will actually have product available or not. Not all wholesalers will let you know when they are getting low on a product you are retailing, but some do. This means that if you have an order for a product, send that order information to the wholesalers and find out there is no product in inventory, then you have to explain why your customer cannot get there product..

How do you make money with drop shipping?

So where is the profit at? That is a fairly common question, everyone needs to know there is profit right?

Say your advertising tents, someone orders a $50 tent from you, you go ahead and send the order information to the wholesale company you are working with, and they charge you $40 for the tent, thats $10 profit in your pocket now. You advertise, and send order info when order comes in and receive profit, it’s that easy!

How much money can I make with dropshipping
Money potential with dropshipping is endless!

Note: This is only an example.

It can’t be that easy, can it?

Before you go ahead and start as a drop shipping retailer, remember that you need to optimize your presence online, meaning you want to be the first thing someone sees when they search for your product.

This takes skill, a skill in  search engine optimization (SEO) that is. This skill can be hard when starting off, but with the right training you can easily master SEO and become the to seller. If you would like training on both SEO and drop shipping in general, check out Infinii, drop shipping platform with tons of training and teams to join! I have a review coming so stay tuned!


Where can I find training on drop shipping?

There is a great company that gives you training (as mentioned above), and brings you into the community of fellow drop shippers.  Infinii is a cheap easy to get all the resources needed plus the training, and you can join a team of mentors that will help you every step of the way! Join now and reap the benefits!! Check out this explanation of Infinii below!

5 quick tips for drop shipping

Time to look at some tips and strategies to becoming a successful drop ship retailer!

  1. Price is not all that matters: I see so many people trying to have the lowest price possible so they are the to competitor, but lowest price is not always going to get you to the top search position. Sure have a competitive price, but still have some room for profit in there.
  2. Seasonal products: Seasonal products become very hot, and people swarm on looking for them. Also wholesalers could have discounts as well, big money to be made!
  3. Don’t go for the top hot products: the top selling hot products will have the most competition, which means harder to be on first page of the search inquiry. It’s fine to do one or two top sellers (brand names) but honestly a lot of profit in the other products ( driveway sealers, wine rack, tattoo ink etc.) There will be less competition for these products.
  4. Bundle products: try to bundle products, you can give the customers a deal whole getting more sales, selling more product, and making more money in one sale. Example would be selling a laptop, bundled with a mouse and bag. This will also reduce shipping costs drastically. Instead of having 3 items ordered each having a shopping cost to you, you will have it all bundled, coming at once meaning one shopping fee!
  5. Pick a reputable wholesaler: You want your customers to get the best service when it comes to product quality and shipping times. You can find this out at the better business bureau, look for customers reviews/complaints.

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on being a drop shipping retailer is that it is a great money making opportunity! You can make tens of thousands of dollars after your first couple of months, as long as you do it right! Give it a try, you don’t exactly need to throw any money down, so you will only lose a little bit of time.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article please feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter,  Google plus, or pin it. If you have further questions or feel like I forgot something please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!




What is the empower network?

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You might have seen some advertising on social media, or even advertising through banners on websites for empower network system, saying you can make a living with this company, but is it legit or just another scam? I’m here today to take a look at whether empower network system is a scam or if it’s legit. We will also be  looking at empower networks training available, empower networks up sells, and tons more so stay tuned!

Overall ranking: 75/100

Price: $19.99 recruiting fee, memberships ranging from $25-$3500

Owners: David Wood, David Shape

Website: http://www.empowernetwork.com

Note: I am not a affiliate to this program

What is the empower network system?

Before we answer the question of ‘is empower network a scam or not’, let’s take a look at what is empower network and where it could possibly help you. Basically you will be blogging and referring people and generating commissions, supposedly 100% commissions on every sale!!. Now this sounds pretty easy right?  Seems like it wouldn’t be to hard to earn a decent living from it, but looking further into it, things start to look a little less promising!

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For one thing, this is a mlm or pyramid scheme as I like to say, which means the people at the top make the most amount of money. See someone refers you and makes commission off of whatever you buy, plus they earn commission off of your referrals. You can to, but you need to build your referrals and get them referring more and more.  So the guy at the top of the pyramid is making a ton of money, this is true, but it takes a lot to get up to the top and you almost need to be one of the first people who joined. Mlm (multi level marketing) is very hard to become successful at, and a lot of the time it is hard to make your money back that you invested in, which you will need to invest a lot to possibly make good money with empower network system.

So what is offered at ENS? There is a lot of training offered, but for a price. A high price…. we will go further the training offered and the memberships available, then whether or not this is a profitable company to go with.

What are the membership levels?

There is a couple of membership levels at ENS, all with different advantages and training available. The memberships start from $25 and go up to $3500 real quick.


Recruiting fee: $19.95/month

In order to refer people to ENS and get commission from that you first need to pay a recruiting fee of $19.95. When you pay this fee you can use your referral link and can start earning 100% commission  but wait, in order to receive commission for a referrals membership, you first need to have purchased that membership yourself! That means for you too be able to receive referral commission for the basic membership when a referral purchases it, you need to have purchased it but you will earn 100% commission which would be $25.

Another example would be you need to purchase the $3500 membership in order to receive 100% commission from a referral purchasing it.

Basically what I am trying to say is if you only have the basic membership and you refer someone, and that referral buys the inner circle membership (next membership up), you will not receive any commission…


Basic membership-$25/month

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To join the empower network, you will need to pay $25 per month, and this will give you a blogging website with there platform called blog beast. You still be granted access to there blogging training and checklist. The training basically gives you the principals to building a successful business online. This basic membership is needed in order to purchase higher memberships.

Inner circle-$100/month

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This membership gives you access to audio recordings explaining the network, introducing you to the founders, team leaders and members, in my eyes it is not necessary to purchase this in order to build a successful business online, but it is needed so you can buy the next membership up.

Note: You are required to purchase watch membership in order, you can’t go ahead and buy the highest membership, you need to buy basic membership, then inner circle, then or next one, so on and do forth.

The Costa Rica mastermind intensive membership-$500 (one time payment)

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This membership gives you access to video training on marketing strategies. These videos are taken on a 3 day retreat near David Woods home, trying to show you the kind of money that could be made. The videos well give you some training in SEO, and how to market to a specific audience. These videos will also show you all the marketing strategies out there. These videos can be very useful but remember that you will need to pay that 500 bucks (only once though) plus monthly payments for the other 3, this all adds up, but Remember once you purchase this membership you can promote it and get commission for it if anyone that joins under you purchases it.

15k formula membership- $995 (one time payment)


This membership is a more technical look at marketing. It focuses on how to gain leads and how to easily grow your business and keep it growing. The main focus though is teaching you how to name 15k/month Hense the name!  This will be a project to keep your business thriving for the long run!

And last but surely not the least!!

Masters retreat membership- $3500 (one time payment)


Now this is a lot of money, but it is to make you a master at marketing. This membership consists of 40 training models and also a workbook that makes you ‘learn as you earn’ as they say. This is a lot of money to fork out, especially after you paid the $1495 one time payment plus $141 monthly payments but there is a lot of training and a lot of potential of to earn big bucks recruiting!

Note: keep in mind you need to purchase the membership in order to receive any commission when one of your referrals joins that membership..

So is empower network a scam?

I would not at that this is not a scam at all because everyone gets paid what they are supposed to when they are supposed to. But it is a strange business model I must say. Also very expensive, you will basically need around $5000 in order to receive all the training available and receive full commissions from referrals.. that’s a lot of money to invest!! But if you have the money then this may be worth while for you.

Do I recommend this?

I do not recommend this program at all, sure there may be some good training available but the price is absolutely ridiculous. Also I could not see the recruitment potential,I can’t see anyone wanting to throw it $5000 to a company they don’t know fully, which means it would be hard to refer people and make the big bucks.

So what do I recommend?


My #1 recommendation is Wealthy affiliate. All the training you would receive in empower network you will receive in wealthy affiliate at a fraction of the cost $49.99 ( act now and get a discount at $19.99 for your first month!! Join now and try it for free!!) The training and tools you will receive is outstanding! From 2 free websites with free hosting, to 24/7 live support. Or live webinars to training courses. The training and tools is endless!


If you guys enjoyed this article feel free to share it with your friends. If you have further questions or would like to leave some feedback, leave them in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you!






What is the best web hosting service?

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Are you interested in starting your very own website, but unsure of which web hosting service is the best? (www.greengeeks.com)Stay tuned because we are going to tell you what web hosting service is best. We are also going to look at what is web hosting, what are the different types of web hosting,  and what to look for when looking for a web hosting provider. Before I tell you the best web hosting service, I think I should first go over what exactly is web hosting services and what they do for you, so let’s dive in!

What is a web hosting service?

This question might be going through your head, but don’t worry we have the answer for you! Essentially what a web hosting service does is they host your website for the world wide web to see. What they do is they provide you space, or lease it to company’s/website owners on a server, but this is not all they can provide. In addition to providing space on a server, web hosting services may provide data center source, with connectivity to the internet.

There are typically a few different types of web hosting packages you can purchase, each for different general uses, ranging from a new website to a professional website, to multiple professional websites. Let’s take a look at them, then we will take a look at my #1 recommendation for a web host provider.

What packages are usually offered With a web hosting service?

There are 4 different packages/types of web hosting available through services, each will have specifications meant for specific hosting needs.

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  • Free hosting:  Free hosting packages have more down falls then they do positives, but they are great for hobbie websites (not for business) and for websites with low traffic. The main positive to this package is that it is free! There is no cost at all to get your website on the world wide web.  Some negatives to this is slow loading times (not good for what’s with traffic), often crashes, little to no technical support provided. Also often you cannot get use your own domain but instead you have to use a subdomain. Ex. Yourwebsite.subdomain.com opposed to yourwebsite.com, it is much neater and looks more professional using your own domain.
  • Shared hosting: Often called virtual hosting is exactly how it sounds. You are sharing a high powered server (way better server then free hosting) with multiple other websites usually 100 sites, this is better then the free hosting but still has it’s down falls. This package is meant for small businesses with average traffic. There is a fairly low cost, since you are sharing the server with multiple other websites, sharing the cost. One definite positive too this package is that you can use your own domain, instead of having a subdomain with your url, this makes for a neater and more memorable url, which looks more professional. Technical support is fairly good, as well as loading times, but security is not very good due to many other sites on the same server.
  • Dedicated hosting: This hosting service is much more suitable for big websites with massive amounts of traffic and use special software. When using the hosting service, your website is being hosted on its own professional server. This package is the most expressive of them all but is worth it for the bigger websites! Dedicated servers tend to have very good software and data support, as well it can host multiple domains through you. The main downfall is the cost, but it also required high skill and knowledge.
  • Colocated hosting: colocated means co-location. Basically you are going to have your server in another Location that is better suited for one. These are good for bigger websites, that cannot house there own server. These have high bandwidth, high security and high up time, with usually a unlimited power source at the building housing your server in case of power outage. The one down fall is that it is expensive.

The best web hosting network? My # 1 recommendation

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Now to get to the big question everyone is facing, what is the best web hosting network out there?  Green Geeks is the #1 pick for me. Not only is it a great web hosting network, but also is safer for our environment. Nothing is taken away in order to reduce our carbon footprint, so not only are we getting the service we want and need, but we are also helping clean up our enviroment, cannot complain there right? Let’s look into what you get when choosing this web hosting network! 

Come try it out www.greengeeks.com

What is offered?

Green geeks offers everything you need to start your internet presence.  The price is just amazing for what all is offered, and it is actually on sale right now, so take advantage while you can!

  • Domain name registration or transfer:  Whether you want to register a domain through their hosting network or would like to transfer one over, green geeks does this free of charge, usually a $18.95 value.
  • Free nightly backups: Dont worry about losing any content, green geeks will backup your site every night, so sleep knowing your taken care of!
  • Free website building tools: Interested in creating a website, but you don’t want to pay one company for one thing and another for something else, well green geeks will help you with everything for a small price.
  • Free SEO tools: SEO can be a hard thing to master, let green geeks help you become a SEO master!
  • Web space and data transfer:   Get unlimited web space and data transfer when you buy the bundle!
  • Much much more!!!  there is so much more that is offered, that I am going to let you discover!

Get all this for only $3.96/mth for a limited time! Regularly $9.95/mth

download (14)

How is this hosting network green?

As you might be thinking, how can this company be helping the environment? Well I was very curious myself, and decided to ask the support team, and this is the great answer I got from Kurt G “In order to compensate for the polluting power we pull from the grid we purchase wind energy credits for the energy we consume from the grid. In fact we replace, with wind power, 3 times the amount of energy used by our servers, so if we pull 1X of power from the grid we purchase enough wind energy credits to put back into the grid 3X of power having been produced by wind power.”  That’s pretty awesome that green geeks are willing to do this to help reduce there carbon footprint.

download (13)

How is the support at green geeks?

images (12)

Iv gotta say, I am very impressed with the support team at green geeks. I asked a couple of questions, to see how the support was, and every time they were there to answer me right away. There was one time I was put on a waiting last type of thing, but it was literally only a minute, maybe 2 until someone assisted me. An example of how well they answer is above when I’m explaining how green geeks is actually green, Kurt G Gave me an excellent response! 

As soon as you get into there website, there is a little support chat button at the bottom of the screen, that goes with you when you scroll. One of the support staff will message asking if they can assist you, and you can ask them anything in the live chat.

There is also a number you can call if you have any questions and would prefer using the phone. Lastly there is a questions and answer forum that has tons of information for you!

My final thoughts!

Green geeks is amazing! I love the idea to reduce there carbon footprint however they can, and they are doing a good job at it! Plus there services offered is amazing, especially for the price! Give these guys a try and see how they can help you with your internet presence!!

Did this article help you at all? If so, share it with your friends! If you have further questions or feedback on green geeks please feel free to leave them on the comment section below! Thank you for reading.

What is the Amazon affiliate program

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Are you wondering how to make money online? Well if so, your in luck, because this site is all about making money online. One awesome way to make money online is through affiliate marketing, are you wondering what is affiliate marketing, then learn more about it here or keep reading.

Amazon has an amazing affiliate program that can make you tons of money online! This affiliate program is called Amazon associates, and we are going to be talking about it today. If your interested in being financially free, keep reading!

What is Amazon associates?

Amazon associates is an affiliate program for Amazon, which if you do not know, is one of the (if not the) biggest e-commerce website on the web, with millions of people on it daily, buying just about anything you can think of!

images (7)

Amazon associates will provide you with your special links ( affiliate links, learn more about it here) that will track any visitor on your website that clicks on one of your Amazon affiliate links, and will give you commission for anything they buy, and I seriously mean anything! So say you are giving information on hp laptops on your website, and you leave one of your Amazon affiliate links for a hp laptop at the end of your post, you get some visitors and someone is interested in buying this laptop and clicks on your affiliate link. Your visitor is now redirected to the page advertising this laptop on Amazon and your visitor decide to buy it. You will be getting commision for the hp. Now say after buying the laptop, he/she decided to buy a wireless mouse and some other accessories, well guess who’s getting commission for all those sales? That’s right, you are! This right here is what affiliate marketing is, you are bringing customers to merchants, and getting commission from it.

The coolest thing about Amazon associates is that you are not shipping nothing, you do not have to hold onto product, you just bring Amazon dealers customers, through your blog posts/website and get commission, you see that is what you are getting commission for, bringing Amazon dealers sales.

How are the commisions?

One thing I will tell you is that the commissions are not crazy high, but they do add over time. Your commission for a sold product when you start out is only at 4%, and can go up to 8% as you increase sales. Now I will let you know that if you go through a affiliate program from a specific brand merchant you will more then likely get a better commission. What I mean by this is if your advertising Nike shoes, you will get a better commission through Nike affiliate program compared to Amazon. I have seen many affiliate programs up towards 25-35% but just ranging from 10-20% from what I have seen.

download (3)

What is the potential monthly income?

With Amazon associates, there really is no limit to how much you can make! If you think about it, you can advertise a $2 item and get commission for $100 worth of other items they buy! So keys say you are advertising something that costs $258, one of your visitors buys it, and you are at the 6% commission mark, this means you will be making $15.48 from this sale, which may not seem like a lot, but if you have 10 000 monthly visitors, and 500 of them spend $50. That’s $1500 monthly from Amazon commissions. But in all reality, you can make loads more, especially Christmas season!!

Tips to be successful with Amazon associates

  1. Link images to Amazon. The reason why I say this is because as long as you refer your visitors to Amazon, and they but something you are getting commission! People tend to click on the images to either enlarge the image or even see if it takes them somewhere. This tip can spike your commissions.
  2. Put links on every post. Every post will be getting traffic, even if it is one person a month, which means that’s a possible extra person to click on your referral links and buy on Amazon.
  3. Use Amazon native ads. Amazon native ads is something similar to Google Adsense, but instead of being paid per click, Amazon will advertise products similar to what your post is talking about, and if someone clicks on this ad and ends up buying anything you will be getting commission! download (3)
  4. Focus on the holidays. During the holidays people are looking to buy gifts for their loved ones and will often look online, range advantage of this and advertise like crazy!
  5. Utilise a buy now button. When on Amazon associates you can get the link or out will be a picture advertising the product and price then a buy now button, it’s very easy to use and can increase commissions like crazy! download (5)
  6. Promote related Products to what your talking about in your post. If your talking about phones on your blog, maybe try advertise phone cases related to that phone! Your visitors may buy something even bigger and bring you in massive commissions!
  7. Don’t worry about how much the item is priced. Many people criticize Amazon associates program for the fact of small commissions, but guess what, all these small commissions add up! Now I’m not saying don’t worry about advertising the big products, because they will bring you in the big bucks!
  8. Stick to your niche! You still get better conversions advertising the item you are talking about rather then something compete random. The reason to this is your visitors are already learning about the product, and will be more likely to click on the advertisement rather then something completely random.

What kind of links can I get?

There is 3 different types of affiliate links you can get for products on Amazon. These are text links, image links and enhanced links.

Text links will have a basic highlighted description of the product you are promoting. When a visitor clicks on the highlighted description they will be redirected to the product page using your affiliate link, which then will give you commissions for anything the visitor buys.

Image links is an image of the product you are promoting, that when clicked by the visitor, will be redirected to the product page using your affiliate link, and you will get commissions for anything they buy after that.

Enhanced links have both the basic product description with price, and also a picture. The best part of these is it has a buy now button, which will give the visitor the ability and knowledge that they can buy that item right now, instead of going off of your website and going to Amazon themselves!

Final verdict of Amazon associates.

Amazon associates is a great way to earn some money with a Niche website. As you are talking products you know and love, you can be sending your visitors to the biggest e-commerce site online and making commissions! Go ahead and give it a try, it’s definitely worth it!


On a side note, if you do not have a website and would like to create one, come find out how you can very easily with tons of support and training for free! Click here

If you have any further questions or would like to share your experience with Amazon associates, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below!






Make money advertising on your website

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If you have created a website your probably trying to think of ways to make money with it right? If your reading this, I think it is fair to say that you are thinking about advertising on your website and making money with it. You may be asking “is online advertising profitable?”, “what are some advertising programs” or “is Google Adsense worth it?” Lucky for you, I’m going to answer all your questions in this article so keep reading! 🙂

On a side note, if you have not created a website and are interested in creating one, come check out my article on How to build a website, and learn how you can build a website in 30 seconds for free, no fees or nothing! Pretty cool stuff so go ahead and check out out 🙂


How can you make money with online advertising?

Companies want to advertise and get as many people seeing the advertisement as possible, so what’s better then the online world with billions of users daily? These companies will pay you too advertise on your ever so growing website, but it’s not how it sounds, allow me to explain below.

Companies do not just pay you a straight up amount of cash to put there advertisement up on your website, instead they base it on either the amount of people seeing the ad or the amount of people that click on the ad.


download (4)Cpc stands for cost per click. When a company is looking to advertise, they start a ppc (pay per click, paying per click an advertiser brings you), so every time a visitor clicks on the advertisement, you get paid a certain amount.


images (6)Cpm stands for cost per mille, in other words cost per 1000 impressions. An impression is when a visitor can see the advertisement, so if they click on a post you have ads on, then they can see the ad (does not mean they actually look at it). So after 1000 impressions, you get paid a certain amount of money.

These are the typical ways of calculating payment, some advertising programs may pay differently, but these 2 are the main ones that I have come across.

Best advertising companies


Google Adsense

images (4)Google Adsense is a advertising company powered by Google, and it’s pretty amazing and simple to use. What they do is they will place ads on your website for free, and you earn commission for either cpc, or cpm. How this works is companies looking to advertise goto Google adwords, and pay a certain amount, or give a daily budget, then Google puts these advertisements on websites that are on Google Adsense, and pay you 68% of the commission made from the advertisement. So if the company looking to advertise puts there daily budget at 10 per 1000 impressions, Google then places that ad on your website, Google takes there cut (32%) and you get the 68% once you get the 1000 impressions.

Amazon native ads

download (3)

If you have never heard of Amazon, I’m shocked! Amazon is one of the biggest, if not the best ecommerce website on the web today! In other words, they sell products online. That being said I would like to introduce you to Amazon’s new program called Amazon native ads.

Amazon native ads is something similar to Google Adsense, but has it’s differences. With Amazon native ads, you place an ad code into your blog, and Amazon will promote either similar products to that blog, popular products, or custom products ( I’ll explain later on) in advertisements. If someone were to buy what is on that advertisement, you get commission for the referral ( 4-8%), but even if they do not buy that product, but buy something else ( or 10 other items) you get commission! So say a visitor on your website clicks on the ad which is promoting Nike shoes, but goes from there and buys Air Jordan’s, you will still get commission.

So instead of cpc or cpm (getting paid for clicks or impressions) you will be getting paid based on referral commissions. This type of advertisement is good for niche websites, because the ads will be based on your niche content, and they will be buying similar things to what you were explaining/promoting.

You can choose recommendation ads, custom ads or search ads. Recommendation ads are ads that are recommended based on your content ( your talking about shoes, they will show ads recommending shoes) custom ads are ads that you choose to place there ( you choose to place an ad about Nike shoes, that’s all that will be in that ad) and search ads are based on what the visitors search through your website.

I am not sure what I like better, Adsense or Amazon native ads, I’m currently using adsense, I have yet to have any complaints but I am going to try native ads. If you have experience with either one, please feel free to leave your review and feedback in the comment section.

Tips for your ads

  1. Don’t place to many ads on your website, it will look spammy and not as appealing. You dont want to shove it down there throat!
  2. Place them in high traffic spots. If you look at your analytics, check out where most of your traffic is coming from. If you see that one of your posts is bringing in a lot of traffic, place an ad there, the more eyes that see the more potential income!
  3. Make the color scheme is the same as your background, this will make it a little more appealing. You usually can adjust this while making an ad.
  4. Place ad above the fold as many say. This is when you place an ad below the post title, usually a 336×280 rectangle ad. This seems to be the best placement and ad size!

I hope you learned a lot about advertising on your website and earning money off of it, if you did, share this with your fellow website owners. Please feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you! 🙂


How to make money from a website


If you have a website, or even if your looking into it, you want to know if it can be profitable, right? Well let me tell you that you can make money with a website, and a large amount! Many people quit there 9-5 job and work online and live a very comfortable life!

I don’t know about you, but working from home at your own pace, working for yourself sounds like a pretty sweet deal! Nothing better then waking up and not having to rush to get to work, or no rush to get dressed! When you have your own website you own that and you can post/blog about whatever you want whenever, and leverage many different ways to make money off of that, I’ll be explaining how you can leverage ways to make a living from it

Affiliate marketing

download (43)One way to make a good amount of money online is through affiliate marketing, ever heard of it? If you have not heard of affiliate marketing, allow me to explain. Affiliate marketing is when you advertise products and bring places like Amazon or eBay customers, then you get commission for sales! This is usually done through a special link that they provide you, or through a visual advertisement such as a widget on your website.

I would like to mention that affiliate marketing is not just done through a website, but yet can also be done through social media advertising. Social media advertising is a great way to gain referrals, seeing as millions use social media such as Facebook.

Are you unsure if where to start with affiliate marketing? No need to be worried, there is a free to join university out there that will teach you everything you need to know and give you all the tools you need, to become a successful affiliate marketer. I am talking about the Wealthy Affiliate University. They offer tons of training, with 2 main training classes, with 5 class’s each having 10 lessons. Each lesson has a video walkthrough, but also written explanation and tasks to ensure you engage what you learned. Come check out my full review here.

download (3)

Also If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, come check out my recent post on affiliate marketing here

Placing ads on your website

If you have a website that is getting a good amount of natural traffic, you may want to look into placing ads on your website. There’s companies like Google and Trafficjunky that will pay you for bringing placing one of there ads on your website. There is a couple of ways they base there parents off of, which is impressions and clicks.

download (2)

Impressions: This is the amount of people that have viewed the page in which the ad is placed. The advertisers will pay you after a certain amount of impressions

Clicks: The payout for this is based on how many people click on the ad you had placed, rather then how many potential views.

If you are thinking about placing ads on your website either through Adsense or another advertising company, make sure to figure out where the best page is to place the ad, you want more visitors to see this ad, so you can potentially earn more! To figure out what post is best, you need to look at your analytics. One mistake many people try is clicking on there own links to bring them more chicks, but Google finds out quick and punishes you! I have heard of people being De-ranked in the Google rankings, effecting there for nearly!

Sell ad space

This is exactly how it sounds, you literally sell space on your website to someone who would like to advertise on your website, got a fixed monthly amount. The amount you still it for all depends on your traffic. If you get a ton of traffic, the advertisers will pay more, knowing that more eyes will see there ads And possibly have conversions. The nice thing about this is that you will always have that fixed amount coming every month, where as Google adsense or companies similar will only pay you per click or per impressions, so it would vary every month.

This would be good for someone who has a website that is getting tons of traffic, making advertisers to actually want your ad space as well as pay a good amount. Now I have never sold ad space before, but I have heard that you can earn a couple thousand dollars off of one ad space, if you have lots of traffic.

Sell your own product

If you have a product, whether it be books, pins, or hand carved woodwork, you can use your website to sell the product. The nice thing about selling your own product is that you don’t have to worry about people taking a cut, it’s your product being sold on your website, you get all the profit! The main thing is to create a good landing page, and ensure that your product is fully compete before you advertise it.

Also, something that is becoming more and more popular is ebooks. If you have a lot of knowledge on something, you can create an ebook and sell it on your website. There is programs out there to help you with creating your ebook, some being fairly cheap. This can be a very profitable way of making money off of your website.


How to become a affiliate marketer

download (43)

What is affiliate marketing? How can I become a affiliate marketer? Is affiliate marketing profitable? Where can I learn how to be a affiliate marketer? These are all questions you might be asking yourself, and questions that I have the answer to, keep reading and Ill tell you how you can become a affiliate marketer and work from home!

What is affiliate marketing?

If you are here you may have the question of ‘what is affiliate marketing’ or you would like to further your knowledge, well your in luck, I am here to explain just that!

So basically affiliate marketing is when you bring customers to a business, these customers are called referrals. This can be any business really, a lot of affiliate marketers send customers too places like Amazon, and Ebay, but those are not your only options and I am going to explain that later on in the post.

download (7)

How do they track the customers you brought?

The way these businesses track the customers you brought them so you can get commission is through affiliate links.  Affiliate links are a specialized link that will throw a cookie into there computer, which is basically something that will tell Amazon (we will use them as an example) that this customer came from your link, and if they make a purchase you will get commissions from that purchase! This is a great way to earn money, you are working from home, which is great for stay at home parents!!

Is affiliate marketing profitable?

This is the big question right? No one wants to invest there time and money into something that is not going to pay off. The thing about affiliate marketing is it can and will pay off as long as you stick with it. It Is no scam, it is a viable way of making money! There are affiliate marketers out there that make a killing, and you can to!!!

How can I become an affiliate marketer?

This is a question I am asked often, people often think it is hard to become a affiliate marketer, that there is a lot to learn, well there is a lot to learn, but there is a very easy way to learn, and that is through the wealthy affiliate university!

There are 2 good ways that I use for affiliate marketing, this is through social media advertising and through your own website.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising is a great way to get referrals, there are millions of people on social media such as Facebook, g+, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others. These social media’s have a crazy amount of people/potential customers that you can reach out to, whether it be on groups and pages or off your own profile! Another form of advertising you can do on some social media is pay per click ads, one really good social media for this is facebook! You can generate a lot of referrals through this.


Through your own website

Another way is creating your own website and advertising on there through reviews and informative posts. Wealthy affiliate will teach you how to create a successful website as a affiliate marketer (they even have a 30 second website builder!!). There training is very easy to follow and there is a ton of support, and best yet, it is FREE to join!  for more information check out my review here.

Who can I become an affiliate to?

You can become an affiliate to just about any company that has a product/program for sale, because they want to make sales, and could use the help. A place that many people become an affiliate to is Amazon. As you know Amazon is a sales platform for people to sell things on, well you can get an affiliate link from these sellers and advertise that link and generate referrals and commission!! Even places like Wal-Mart have an affiliate program. You can also goto the company’s themselves such as pampers (baby diapers) and get a affiliate link from them (that was just an example)

download (41)

A great place to find affiliate links is Clickbank.com they provide you with affiliate links, tell you a little about the company, and the commission % but also offer reviews from other affiliates of that company. This is a real great pace to start off for finding some affiliate links!


Come learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer at wealthy affiliate, the free to join affiliate marketing university!!


If you have further questions or would like to leave me some feedback, drop a comment before 🙂 and if this helps you at all share on Facebook,G+ , or Twitter





What are work at home scams?

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The internet is an amazing thing, with lots of opportunities on it. One big opportunity on the internet is work from home jobs, which can be very profitable, no need to do that 9-5 job that you can barley survive off of anymore, the internet has countless opportunities to make enough money to survive off of and then some! That is what this website is all about! If you would like to learn how to make money online, no scams, go ahead and look around my website or leave me a comment and ill lead in you in the right direction!

The problem though is that the scam artists seen an opportunity to do what they do best, which is scam people. They seen that there is a great demand online for work at home jobs, and they do whatever to scam you into giving them money, which is unfortunate and sad. Many people will fall into these traps and give loads of money to these people with nothing in return. not even a refund.

In this post I am going to go over what work at home scams are, how to tell if it is a scam and avoid it, who is mainly targeted in these scams, and lastly my #1 recommendation legit work at home job with my personal stories!


So what are work at home scams?

Just as they sound, they are scams promising a job that you can do from home, with guarantee’s of great amounts of money to be made. There are millions of these scams on the internet, and they probably make a killing off of people, before it becomes known to be a scam, which is very unfortunate because a lot of the times, you will put every last penny into  the scam, thinking you will make your money back and then some, but soon find out you made a huge mistake!

Who are the main targets to these scams?

Who doesn’t want to work from home right? Be your own boss, working while you are still in your pj’s sounds pretty amazing right? These scam artists know just about everyone would love to work from home, so they know that there potential victims is huge!

A really big amount of the victims, which is very unfortunate by the way, are new parents, stay at home mom’s and dads. These new parents are off work for a year and want to make some extra cash from home while taking care of their little ones, and a lot of the times fall into these scams without knowing until it is too late.


How to tell if it is a scam or not?

One big thing, before you make a investment into one of these work from home opportunities is to DO YOUR RESEARCH! When I was looking for a work at home job, I extensive research and was not really scammed,  I came very close but it never happened, which I am very happy for being I have a little girl to raise and feed!

So what should you research?

  • Research the company itself
  • Try to find the website owner(s) names (many times these scam artists have made multiple scammy websites and are known for this)
  • Search for reviews, these are great because  these are usually people with first hand experience with the company and you can get the gist on whether or not it is a scam, just remember to look at multiple reviews
  • Ask around to see if this is a scam, ask on yahoo, or ask in groups on social media networks such as Facebook.

    How to tell if it is a scam

There are ways to tell if programs are scams, and sometimes it is very hard if not impossible to tell, but in many cases it is very easy to tell. One way is to look at there fee’s just to try out the program. If they are asking a ridiculous price just for a starter membership, like hundreds of dollars. Many non scammy companies will let you try there services for free no charge, even for a trial.  Also if they claim  a ridiculous return such as “make millions of dollars by the end of the month!!” thats a big scam alert for me! Lets be honest, you can’t make millions of dollars in a month just starting out online! No money back guarantee is another scam alert for me, although sometimes just because they say money back guarantee, does not mean they actually will… download

My #1 work at home recommendation!

As I had said earlier, I myself was looking for a work at home job that I could make a decent amount of money from, and it was hard figure out what was a scam and what was not, but I did my research! From my research I found Wealthy Affiliate. I could not find one bad review on this program and I decided to join there free membership (no trial) and I tried it out, I was not nervous because I did not even have to give out any personal information, not even my credit card information! About a week into my free membership I noticed that this is an amazing opportunity to learn and make money online! I made the big step and went premium and have never looked back!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?images

Wealthy affiliate is a online affiliate marketing university that will teach you everything you need to in order to become a successful affiliate marketer! They have so much training for you to learn from, but the main training is there certification courses that has 10 step by step lessons in each, and a video walk-through in each. They also have 24/7 technical support (they work really fast, I have had to use it before), live support ( from fellow members, people are on it all the time!) 2 free websites (with free membership, 25 with premium) with a easy 30 second website builder, click the link to try it out and create you very own website, They also have a free keyword tool, weekly webinars, domain registration and much much more!

If you would like more information on Wealthy affiliate come check out my review here or ask away in the comments! I would love to help you work from home!

If you have anything you think I should add in this, please feel free to leave you feedback in the comment section, and also if you have any questions, ask in the comment section, I would love to help!


Is myster shopping a scam

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There are any people out there saying mystery shopping is a scam, and there are many saying it is not, that there is money to be made being a mystery shopper. Well is mystery shopping a scam, or is mystery shopping a legit way to make money? We are going to talk about what mystery shopping is, if it is legit or not, how to tell if it is a scam, and who it is for.

What is mystery shopping?

If you are not sure what mystery shopping is, then i will give a brief description, and give some examples. I also would like to say that MYSTERY SHOPPING IS NOT A SCAM, but there is scam artists who utilize this opportunity to scam!Becoming a mystery shopper means you will be going into business’s as a customer undercover, usually hired by the business owner/ manager, and you will be evaluating the service,and many other factors of the business, then giving a report to the company.

images (5)

Many different types of business’s want to know how there employees treat there customers, how clean they keep the establishment, what is said (if deals are offered, if you are welcomed), How long you wait to be greeted, and seated (in cases of restaurants). This is a great way for companies to get an inside look of the business, without being there, because we all know when the boss is around we act different…

Who is mystery shopping for

Being a mystery shopper is for pretty well anyone! If you are someone who critics things in your head, then this would be a good job for you, seeing that this is pretty well going to be your job. One thing to remember is that you are not giving your opinion, but you are giving the facts.

If you are a business owner, or manager, and you would like to get a customers take on your establishment, then hiring a mystery shopper is the best thing you can do! These mystery shoppers can help you figure out where your establishment can improve, if a certain employee deserves a bonus, if your establishment is kept clean.

Mystery shopping scams?

Just like everything else, scam artists have taken advantage of the legit money making opportunity, and make a scam out of it. There are mystery shopping scams, just remember, if they charge you an initial fee,stay away, it is most likely a scam! Mystery shopping companies will not charge you to work for them! Also if they make an outrageous claims that will make $100/hr, it is a scam! Always check to see if the mystery shopper company is in the MSPA, this is a organization that regulates mystery shopping companies


How much does a mystery shopper make?

I dont know if i would say that being  a mystery shopper is a full time job, at least when you start off it wont be. Mystery shoppers often Market forcemake between $25-$100 for each. Also you will be reimbursed for the meal/products you buy.

5 best mystery shopping companies

  1. Best Mark
  2. Experience Exchange
  3. Market Force
  4. Intellishop
  5. Sinclair customer metrics

My final thought on Mystery shopping companies

Mystery shopping is completely legit. You can get paid for going into grocery store, banks, restaurants etc. to review the service! Just remember that there is scams out there, so before joining a company remember to check the MSPA to see if they are in there data base!

If you would like to build you own business online, Come see how it is very possible Here


Please leave any questions or feedback below, i would love to hear from you!